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Jasmine McLeish


About Jasmine

Born in the United Kingdom, but grew up in the United States as a Green Card holder; Jasmine McLeish is an NYC based actor also with a passion for music. She had the opportunity to graduate from the musical theatre program at NYFA studying under phenomenal teachers such as Bobby Cronin and Kristy Cates. While studying theatre, Jasmine developed a deep passion for film and TV and after signing with Talent Manager Jean-Louis Diamonika from Invictus Entertainment, She has been pursuing the world of on-camera ever since. With the love for music still inside her, she hopes to help bring music and dance to the media for the ultimate story telling experience. Some of her recent credits include the play PROCESSING with THEATRE EAST COMPANY and the short film AMERICAN DREAMIN' by Director T.J. MANNIX. Jasmine also has a passion for mentoring other actors on their unique journey towards success. This tough and "scary" business has only pushed Jasmine harder for her dreams. With no need for a plan B career, she is shooting for the stars and never looking back.   

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